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Don't wait until you need help

Don't wait until you need a relief pharmacist, be proactive. Build a relationship with MMRPS, Inc and complete all needed paperwork before the need arises. Then, when you have an emergency you will be ready to go, the shift will be filled, and you can rest easy.

Expenses: MMRPS provides criminal background checks and routine license verification.


Accounting: For the relief staff, MMRPS processes all payroll.


Payroll Taxes: When you hire relief pharmacists from an agency, this expense is eliminated completely.


Overtime Expenses: Eliminate paying high overtime by using relief pharmacists.


Insurance: Relief pharmacists are Independent Contractors and carry their own General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance.

To ensure a qualified professional pharmacist will be working with you, we perform: license verifications, reference verifications, and criminal background checks. We want to assure that you feel comfortable in your decision to use our services.

Using relief services creates an opportunity for you to keep your money where it should be… with your business.
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