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If you're talented and looking for a job, contact us here:
If you're looking for talent, contact us here:

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Because a Pharmacy is more than just Prescriptions.

Our pharmacists have a collective average of over 20+ years of experience. We have pharmacists with specialty knowledge such as homeopathic treatments and compounding.

Expertise of Pharmacists


Decrease Cost
Availability of Relief
Increase Flexibility

Using our relief services can decrease your overhead by eliminating costs associated with full time employment, i.e. benefits, paid vacations, sick pay, and costly overtime.

MMRPS has a great pool of Pharmacists to draw from to be able to accommodate your staffing needs.

Using our relief services allows you the opportunity to take time off from work, precious time that might not have readily been available to you.

Bring life back into your life, i.e.. Family vacations. kids sporting events, family time, weddings, and funerals.

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